High-quality care of our employees is an integral part of our company and forms one of our four basic values. Indeed, we dedicate significant resources to our salary policies, education and social programs. We want to make sure that our employees are satisfied and that their work conditions as well as financial remuneration exceed the standard in the region.

Employee benefits

We offer our employees a wide range of benefits which they can enjoy above their salary:

25 days of vacation
exceptional bonuses and profit shares
subsidies above the scope required by law
paid overtime for most professions
fixed pay days
wide range of options for further education and personal growth
contributions to pension insurance
contributions for leisure activities
regenerating massages directly at the company
fully covered spa treatment

Company education

The education and development of employees is one of our company's priorities. That is why we invest considerable amounts of money into these areas. The portfolio of our educational events is very wide – from legally required training seminars through supplementary ones in individual professions up to language courses or soft skill courses.

Educational requirements are based on our corporate strategy and the carried out training seminars help individual departments and employees reach their specified goals. When organizing educational events, we work with renowned educational agencies as well as high schools and universities. We also place a lot of emphasis on the transfer of experience and knowledge between our employees through internal lecturers. We also organize special programs within so-called talent management.

Events for employees

We regularly organize annual festive meetings for our employees and their families, as well as children's days or events such as the Day of Crafts. Other events include biking trips or ice-skating. We also secure tickets to cultural events – for theatres, cinemas and concerts.

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