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The high quality of our products, flexibility and responsibility meet the high demands of the automotive industry as well as other fields. This holds regardless of whether we are dealing with highly stressed chassis parts of Scandinavian trucks, security parts of German car makers which require highly accurate shapes, or precisely cut components of hydro-motors. You, too, can become our client and enjoy the same quality and customer-centric approach.

Our twelve production lines, equipped with twelve forging presses with outputs ranging between 1000 and 4000 tons, allow us to completely develop and produce steel closed die forgings weighing between 0.1 and 30 kg for automotive (cars, vans and trucks), parts for forklifts, hydraulic systems, agricultural technology, engineering, mining, healthcare etc. Our production volume per year exceeds 20,000 tons. The most popular products in our portfolio include:

Transmissions and clutches

We develop and manufacture a wide range of forgings for transmissions and clutches in series of thousands up to millions of pieces for the automotive industry, as well as original forging for hybrid propulsion systems, and forgings for the specific conditions of cranes and forklifts.

Chassis parts

We produce forgings shaped under heat which are then assembled into cargo trucks, utility vehicles and buses.

The key parameter here is high resistance to demanding conditions in combination with growing demands on the maximum load of individual components while minimizing weight.

Anti-roll Bar systems

Forgings shaped under heat are used to improve the responsiveness of vehicles and driving comfort for cargo trucks. We can find these in stabilizers of the read fixed axletrees, where they need to resist a large amount of dynamic pressure. These also include highly stressed parts of rod stabilizers, which maintain the tipping cabin in a stable position when driving and also ensure that any accident leads to only controlled deformations, i.e., minimum damage to the cabin and safety of the driver.

Dampers and brakes

VIVA Kovárna, tlumiče a brzdy

In the area of dampers and brakes, one always deals with exceptionally complex and highly stressed parts where other technologies cannot meet the high demands especially on mechanical properties. Our portfolio contains several examples of solutions which we were able to develop, as the only company in the world, for the most prestigious brands of limousines.

Diesel system

We supply highly stressed parts for diesel injection systems with cutting-edge quality requirements. This area has extreme demands on the material properties and precision of individual forgings (in all measurable parameters).

Steering parts

This area deals with so-called safety parts, the quality of which affects not only the comfort of drivers but also the safety of the vehicle. Our forgings are reliably used also in long-distance trucks as well as in millions of cars, of all classes and by various renowned manufacturers.

Hydraulic motors

VIVA Kovárna, hydraulické motory

The rotor, track, body and piston of brakes – typical representatives of forgings used in the construction of radial hydro-motors. Thanks to our long-standing collaboration with leading manufacturers, we became prominent suppliers of these components to leading global brands.


Together with the automotive section, this represents the most prominent part of our production. We manufacture parts of the chassis of lift trucks and forklifts – from minor components up to very heavy parts used in the lifting machinery or within the propulsion or controlling axes. Our forgings can handle the extreme demands associated with the operation of forklifts.


Aside from forgings for the automotive industry and handling technology, we also manufacture products for other fields where high demands on mechanical properties are combined with high quality standards and productivity. These include areas such as railroad transportation, agricultural and mining technology, prosthesis etc.