Kovarna VIVA is a responsible partner when it comes to sustainability – for ourselves, our partners, our surroundings, and our clients. We care about our impact on the environment, about our influence, and the responsibility we bear towards our surroundings, other citizens, and our employees. In our strategy, we lay out our goals and declare our commitment to achieving them.

ESG goals

We have prioritised ESG as part of our work and decision-making. Consequently, we have also formed an ESG committee. This committee has set targets for each area of ESG – Environmental, Social, and Government. A system has also been set up to regularly monitor, measure, evaluate, and report on each indicator. This helps us to achieve our targets and fulfil our sustainability strategy.

Environemnt Social Governance


We are fully aware of the danger of climate change and its consequences and therefore we continue to take a responsible approach to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment.

We have implemented standards for energy (ISO 50 001) and environmental (ISO 14 001) management. This helps us to continuously monitor and systematically improve relevant areas including our carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste management, and water consumption.

Our efforts to reduce our impact are reflected in our investment plan and in the introduction of new modern technologies.


Our business successes compel us to help others. But we also simply believe it’s natural and responsible to contribute wherever we’re needed. We help children in need, and sport and culture are close to our hearts. We’ve also long been a supporter of charity projects and institutions here in the Zlín region. We also love to be engaged in Zlín city events. These range from film, to budding design and other cultural and educational events.


Our “4Z” values – Customer, Employee, Responsibility, Improvement ["Zákazník, Zaměstnanec, Zodpovědnost, Zlepšování"], are the foundation of our corporate culture and approach to company management. Our business plan takes into account the requirements and rights of all stakeholders and we are also consistently committed to sustainable development, which takes into account the agenda adopted within the "Czech Republic 2030" strategic framework.

Message from chairman

Kovarna VIVA is a responsible company that recognises the importance of its activities in each area of ESG.

Our sustainability principles are an integral part of our corporate culture. We respect the interests of our employees, partners, and the wider community of people in the region, of which we are an important part. We recognise how our sustainability activities make a significant contribution to the credibility of our company, not only in the eyes of our customers and business partners, but also to society as a whole.

Sustainability is becoming an important indicator of a company's success. For a socially responsible company, it is not only easier to retain existing customers, but also to attract new business partners, which in the long term contributes to increased stability and competitiveness on the market. Sustainability principles strengthen a company's competitive advantage, increase its value, and also influence its economic performance.

Frantisek Cervenka,
Chief Executive Officer of Kovarna VIVA

ESG committee

Kovarna VIVA has appointed a committee to manage ESG. The aim of this committee is to increase understanding of all three aspects – environmental, social, and governance – and to integrate ESG requirements into internal management, monitoring, and decision-making processes. The ESG committee also ensures that sustainability issues are taken into account in the policy, design, and implementation of company processes, activities, and investments. The committee is formed of people responsible for human resources, quality management, environmental management, energy management, health and safety management, and product safety and conformity.

ESG documentation