Employees represent a key asset for our company

We are continuously improving a system for employee development and for the corporate culture of our employees. We keep raising the bar in areas such as HR management, efficient education and personal development of our coworkers. We have developed an efficient system of our internal requalification applicable to basically all professions in our company. Employees "on the frontlines" in production, but also nearly all production supervisors and finishing and inspection operators, originally come from different fields. Some of our colleagues in fact had no prior qualification or experience in engineering, but today they're successful and respected members of the VIVA team.

Inverstors in people, Kovarna VIVA

Collaboration with schools and students

We closely collaborate with high schools and universities, especially those in the region of Zlín. Students and long-term interns have become our prized colleagues. They often come to complete their master theses here, and often hold positions such as assistants to specialized managers or members and even supervisors of company projects. They are, in some sense, a breath of fresh air for our hot company blood. We support high school students via company stipends and by offering internships in production at our company.

What do we offer to schools?

Collaboration on the education of our employees
Possibility of internships
Excursions to selected production areas
Support and scholarships for pupils and students of technical fields
Premises for practical forging training

What do we offer to pupils and students?

Possibility of internships
Topics for their master and bachelor theses
Support and scholarships for pupils and students of technical fields
Exceptional rewards for well-performed projects

Social responsibility

Our corporate culture includes responsibility to our region. We provide continuous support to nonprofit organizations and socially beneficial events in the region of Zlín. Our Day of Crafts is visited by over one thousand guests each year. We are also the main partner of the International Film Festival for children and youth in Zlín. In addition, we also support other selected projects from the area of education, culture and history of industry in our city and region.

  • Day of Crafts
  • The Zlín Film festival
  • The "Forging Five"

One example of our company's support in the area of technical education for the next generation of our colleagues is the Day of Crafts. We are the original founders of this event, and to this day also one of its main organizers – in cooperation with the Regional Economic Chamber of Zlín, the region of Zlín, the Tomas Bata University and a few other companies. The event is traditionally held in the historic-industrial premises of the Bata compound.

The event lasts for three days and its goal is to improve communication with career advisors at schools, the region of Zlín as the supervisory body of high schools, Tomas Bata University as the most prominent educational institution in our region, and the Regional Economic Chamber of Zlín as a general representative of industry and crafts.

For three days we hold the doors open for our worksites, production halls as well as design offices and introduce our work to potential future colleagues from elementary and high schools as well as to their parents, but also to all friends of traditional and new crafts and friends of our company.

The Day of Crafts includes presentations by technical high schools, companies in our vicinity and the Faculty of Technology at Tomas Bata University.

One already traditional and unmissable element is also the culinary competition of our forgesmiths – the exhibition of their goulashes is becoming more and more popular every year.

The ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL is the oldest, largest and more prominent film festival of its kind in the world. It is an event of international significance with an excellent renown. Each year, the festival presents over 350 motion pictures from over 50 countries all over the world, and since 2015 its number of visitors exceeds 100,000. The ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL is an active member of the European Children's Film Association and the International Centre of Films for Children and Young People – CIFEJ. The festival organizes a broad and extensive accompanying, professional and charity program. The ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL is an integral part of the city and region, and the combination of film and motion-picture traditions gives the festival a unique touch. The new history of the ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL is intertwined with the co-founder of the VIVA forging company, Čestmír Vančura.

The Forging Five is a traditional 5-kilometer race organized in autumn by the VIVA forging company since 2012. It is held in the center of Zlín, directly in the industrial premises of the Bata compound. The race is organized for both single contestants as well as three-member relay teams. The event also includes shorter versions of the race for young children. The race is organized by the VIVA forging company on the occasion of the unique Day of Crafts. Hundreds of contestants participate each year, and aside from amateurs also regularly includes well-known personalities from the world of sports – ironman Petr Vabroušek, skier Klára Křížová, triathlonist Jan Čelůstka and others.

We support

We consider it a natural thing that our success in business obliges us to help where needed. That is why we provide long-term support to selected institutions and projects from the area of culture, the arts, education in crafts as well as free-time activities of children.