An introduction of the VIVA forging company

We want to help our customers and to become a sought-after partner; one that represents a competitive advantage for its customers. That is why we continue developing our ability to make profits for our customers and company, and strive to maintain long-term and balanced relations with all our partners. By continuing to develop our company and employees, we want to achieve technically impeccable forgings of high quality made using highly productive processes. We strive to ensure the long-term prosperity of our company through the constant improvement of processes and the cultivation of our environment.

We build our name on shared values that all our employees have vowed to adhere to.

Our mission:

To work in a way that makes us deserving of a good future.

Corporate vision:

To become a respected partner for exceptional solutions.

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Our values


A customer is a partner who brings us profit and know-how that allow us to continue developing our company as well as our individual employees. A customer is a partner we listen to in order to understand what they need and how to efficiently work with them. We strive to ensure that the best global industrial companies become our most satisfied customers.

Goal: Be a sought-after partner.


Together, we strive to ensure that all employees understand and master their work, understand their importance within the company and that all employees are fairly compensated for their work. We create good payment conditions and cultivate mutual cooperation as well as internal motivation of employees. We want to ensure that the working lives of our people are in balance with their private ones. The fact that we are on the right path is also documented by our award as the 4th best employer in the Czech Republic for 2015.

Goal: An efficient and satisfied employee, motivated to work on his/her further development and for the benefit of the company.


We always seek ways to avoid wasting resources and to get the job done faster and cheaper while maintaining maximum quality.

Goal: Improvement is an indispensable part of the work of each employee.


We vouch for ourselves, for our actions, for entrusted activities and resources. We accept the principle of responsibility as an internal obligation that others can truly rely on. It's a quality of ours, one that is present on all levels and in every one of us.

Goal: Every employee accepts responsibility as a higher principle; irresponsible behavior or decisions are not tolerated.

More than just a forging company

More than just a forging company

What makes us different than your usual production company?

Čestmír Vančura

Co-owner and co-founder

"I'm happy that we've been successful in building a good, complex and well-oiled company capable of further development and learning. A company which takes good care of its customers and employees. A company which is beneficial for society as a whole as well as the area it operates in, and thus helps improve the living conditions not only of its own employees. That is why we systematically, responsibly, and most importantly with a smile invest in culture, sports, education as well as non-profit organizations."

Zbyněk Rozsypal

Sales director

"We produce for the best – this simple motto captures the core of our strategy. Our customers are leaders in their fields, they have high requirements on us and always remain one step ahead of their competition. Succeeding in meeting their demands is not easy, but that's exactly what pushes us forward."

Marek Jorda

Technical director

"Innovation moves the world forward. And so it is not surprising that our most successful projects to date always contained some form of innovative solution. It doesn't matter whether you're programming a robot, simulating a shaping process or improving the service life of machining tools – you're always doing something to increase efficiency, reduce costs or time demands. That is why, in the end, we create forgings that can keep up with the demands of global industrial leaders."