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Welcome to one of the most modern forging companies in Central Europe.

We design and produce closed die forgings made of top-grade steel for the best industrial companies in the world. We are well known for our unique solutions and first-class quality. Enter the world of modern technology and learn about the contemporary technologies used in industrial shaping.

Introduction of the VIVA

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We have the trust of leading global manufacturers

  • Bosch
  • Scania
  • ZF
  • Linde

The high quality of our products, flexibility and responsibility meet the high demands of the automotive industry as well as other fields. This holds regardless of whether we are dealing with highly stressed chassis parts of Scandinavian trucks, security parts of German car makers which require highly accurate shapes, or precisely cut components of hydro-motors. You, too, can become our client and enjoy the same quality and customer-centric approach.

A wide range of parts

for transmissions and clutches

Extremely stressed parts for chassis

of trucks and utility vehicles

Hundreds of parts used in


Extremely stressed parts

of diesel injection systems with the highest demands on precision and efficiency


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People in the VIVA forging company

People in the VIVA forging company

You too can become a member of our team

Jaroslav Col

Toolworks – CNC machining operator

"I graduated in the field of Service and Repair of Machine and Equipment at the SPŠP-COP high school in Zlín. After that, I worked in a different field for two years, but then I returned to my original area of machine engineering. In 2011 I joined the VIVA forging company as an operator of a CNC machining tool, and have remained at this position up to now.
At the beginning, I had little practical experience as well as a lack of know-how for working with CNC machines, but my colleagues and the management of the toolworks helped me quickly get acquainted and today I work with Trimill V1110 and MCFV1060 machines. We have a good team here, and I personally like state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions. Simply put, I like my work; my other hobbies include ice hockey, which I play in my free time."

Zdeněk Blaha

Forge – forge line operator

"I've been employed at the VIVA forging company for 18 years, since 1999. Originally I graduated in the area of shoemaking, but I developed a growing interest in large machinery over the years. When I joined the forging company in 1999, it was a completely different place than it is now, and I continue seeing it develop and grow to this day.
I started as a cutter, then transferred to the forging lines and today I operate robotized presses which I use to make some of the most complicated components for global brands. It's a highly specialized, hard, but also honest and stable work. And I like that. Furthermore, I know that my family can rely on me."

Miroslav Matejka

Finishing operations – thermal processing
line operator

"I've worked at the VIVA forging company since 2015. My original graduation profession was a bricklayer, but I couldn't find a job in my area. That is why I joined the VIVA forging company a few years ago, originally at the position of logistical support for output inspections. Today I am an operator at the thermal processing line, or as we call it "at the furnaces". The guys here are great, they taught me a lot about technological processes and materials, and they can also be very supportive when someone simply has a bad day. I'm happy that I can work in such a team."

Milan Knedla

Machining – CNC machine operator

"I've worked in the machining workshop since 2014; I like precision and focusing on details. I enjoy that I need to think a lot during work – I need to setup the machines, do a lot of measurements, and check as well as adjust the final forging.
Even though I graduated in a different field and worked as a butcher after that, transferring to the VIVA forging company was not difficult for me. I learned quickly from my colleagues and today I'm happy that I can offer my experience to younger colleagues. Precision, reliability and a friendly team – these are the main reasons why I enjoy my work. I need to have absolute trust in my colleagues and vice-versa, similarly as my family has absolute trust in me."




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